During my travels through the Rhone Valley I stop in a little village called Cornas known for making Syrah the way it should be made.

I met a young inspiring Sommelier Elodie Zimmermann, who served as my tour guide at Jean Luc Colombo winery. She gave me a tour of the vineyards and we road high above the village of Cornas where Jean Luc Colombo grows some of the best Syarh grapes in the world.

The high elevation the rocky soil and great terrior make for a perfect place to grow world class Syarh.
This village is the heart of Syarh in the Rhone Valley and the name Cornas is Celtic for “burnt earth”,
this is red wine country and is the only area in the Rhone Valley that doesn’t permit white wine to be produced.

Jean Luc Colombo white wines come from St Peray and they are quite good, made with the typical Rhone grape varieties Granach blanc, Roussanne, Marsanne,and Viognier.

I tasted through several of his wines and this is how Syarh should taste gamey, earthy, peppery, and masculine. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Rhone Valley you must stop by and visit Jean-Luc Colombo winery you will have an outstanding wine experience.

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