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Welcome to The Minority Wine Report. We are a fledgling wine blog with a goal of helping novices – like we once were and, really, to a great extent still are – find their way around the world of wine. It’s an intimidating world for sure with lots of history, lots of elitism and a whole lot more of every day darned good wines. There’s so much to know: fermentation, maloactic acids, oak barrels vs. steel, aging, bottling, terroir, and so much more. And let’s not forget the grapes: chardonnay, pinot grigio, pinot noir, cabernet, merlot, petite verdot, shiraz — or do you say syrah? Yes, there are grapes separated at birth – and called different names. A champagne from France is a true champagne but it’s a sparkling wine in the U.S., a cava in Spain, a prosecco in Italy.

We want to share what we have learned and are learning with you, to help you learn. But it’s not just about us. We’re learning from tasting – lots and lots of tasting because, really, that is how you learn best about wine – and from reading and absorbing what others are learning or have learned about wine. There are sites we go to often; there are sites that come to us often. We will share all of that with you. And we will share every little taste, and big ones too, with you. Please share yours with us.

We’ll also give you our insights on what makes a good wine great or a mediocre wine good or a bad wine just plain bad. Here’s something: To us, one true indication of a good wine is one you can open late at night, enjoy a few good glasses and let it sit until the next day, sometimes even left open, and find it so much more robust the next day. But that’s not true for all wines. Oxygen can be their friend…but for some, not too much; for others, well, let the sun shine through.

Our goals are simple. Our tastes are both simple and complex. Our hope is that you learn as we learn and we all share in our learnings. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Patrice

    Hello.. We met tonight at the LA TOUR restaurant in the town of SANCERRE (France). Very glad to had heard you talking about this french way of life with a such passion. This is an old and beautiful tradition to share a good wine around a good meal but there is nothing more poetic than the kiss of the grapes on our lips ? The better of all of this is the universality of the red gold.. Because no matter where we from, we all agree on the quality of this magical moment when the wine roll on our tongue.. This short silence who follow the first mouthful of this divine beverage is a moment of paradise. Have a good journey on the way of wine.


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