Ahhh… the Verite La Joie ’06 from Sonoma

Thaddeus says this is a big, powerful wine, with a nose of blackberry, cassis and a hint of mint. On the palate it’s a dark fruit like a sweet blackberry and blueberry, with a certain softness but very smooth tannins. This wine has an outstanding finish with the fruit and tannins well integrated for an outstanding wine that will age eight to 10 years.
Jennifer says the dark berries and cassis stand out the longer the wine has been open. In fact, if you’ve ever questioned what cassis smells like, this will clarify it for you. Its first taste is like taking a bite out of blueberry pie — only there’s no crust. Blackberry notes sneak in as does black cherry, and he’s right, there is the tiniest trace of mint. This coats your mouth and lingers on the tongue. So yes, the name — The Joy — is fitting. I’ve ordered more but it will be tough to lay it down for any significant period of time!

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