Two Great Albarino’s

Zios De Lusco Albariño 2011 $12.7

Looks aren’t everything but…. the gorgeous contemporary label contains a refreshingly crisp beautiful well balanced wine with grassy notes .  Loved  it’s upfront tropical bouquet followed by a luxurious finish . For an inexpensive white I found this to be a most pleasant surprise. I look forward to summer nights with friends enjoying this wine.





Albariño De Fefiñanes 2011 $25.95

Ok call me old fashioned and easy but this was my favorite of the day.

I love the classic label design of the family palace. Old vines produce a fruity fresh crisp lively wine with low refreshing acidity, with more minerality that was round and lush on the palate.  An elegant indulgence in my mind no doubt and worth every penny.

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